More Airports Make SAF Available 

To support growing demand, more airports are making sustainable aviation fuel available to operators, and some are even planning to produce their own SAF. An aviation decarbonization initiative, Airports of Tomorrow, was recently formed by the World Economic Forum to facilitate the growing demand and address SAF infrastructure needs at airports. 

Scottsdale Airport in Arizona recently announced it will offer SAF on Jet Aviation flights through an agreement with World Fuel Services. Jet Aviation already provides SAF at its FBOs in Van Nuys, Amsterdam, Singapore and The Netherlands. 

Pittsburgh International Airport is developing plans to produce its own SAF. “Our goal is to accelerate the adoption of cleaner and greener fuels and actively contribute to addressing the pressing global need within the aviation industry,” said Christina Cassotis, CEO at Allegheny County Airport Authority, which oversees the airport. 

Separately, Brussels Airport announced a new program to encourage the use of SAF for all flights taking off from departing the city. The financial contribution will allow coverage for up to 80% of the additional cost of using SAF. 

These announcements come as IATA forecasts that SAF production will triple this year from 2023 levels, helping business aviation to meet its emissions reduction commitments. 

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