Monterey airport first to get continuous SAF supply under Avfuel-Neste partnership


Jet Center (KMRY) has become the first to increase its sustainable aviation fuel supply under a partnership that Avfuel and Neste announced earlier this year. The Central Coast California FBO now has supply of SAF for its customers on an ongoing basis.  This will help meet customer demand at Monterey Jet Center, while supporting the industry’s larger emissions objectives. 


“We’re pleased to offer our customers the option to fly on SAF thanks to a collaboration with Avfuel and Neste,” said Matthew Wright, Monterey Jet Center’s general manager. “Each truckload of SAF provides a 22 metric ton reduction in carbon emissions over its lifecycle compared to petroleum-based jet fuel—the equivalent of making nearly five passenger vehicles zero emissions for one year.” 


“With the supply under this partnership, Monterey Jet Center is one of the few FBOs in the country providing a dedicated SAF fuel option for flight departments and operators with an eye toward sustainability and desire to greatly reduce the emissions footprint of their flight operations.” 


The SAF at Monterey, produced by Neste, is made from sustainably sourced renewable waste and residue materials, such as used cooking oil. It is a “drop-in fuel” that can be blended with standard petroleum jet fuel and meets ASTM D-1655 specification for jet fuel.